5 Common Playgrounds for Letterman and Colbert

The two Late Show hosts, Letterman and Colbert have much in common than meets the eye! The CBS’s Late Show has been popularized by the two presenters, Stephen Colbert and David Letterman. However, now the expectations are that Colbert will likely succeed Letterman. Many funs welcome the decision. One may wonder what commonalities the two enjoyed that their funs welcome the succession decision wholeheartedly. In the section that follows, we have unraveled some common playground for the two presenters.

Participation in Super Bowl Commercials

Both David Letterman and Stephen Colbert have participated in the famous Super Bowl commercials. However, Letterman seem have taken the day in terms of popularity among the two. This popularity could be attributed to the fact that Letterman was featured among others in the promo for the Late Show back in 2010. Colbert pitched the Wonderful Pistachios at the start of this year, 2014.










Award Winners

The two presenters have both won numerous awards for outstanding service. In fact, both of them have won numerous Emmy Awards. Better still, both of have won other prestigious awards. Letterman was awarded the famous 2012 Kennedy Center Honors, which is an annual honor presented to performing artists for their contributions to the American Culture. He is considered one of the most influential personalities in the television and entertainment history.

Colbert, on the hand, has also won more than once, the prestigious Peabody Awards for outstanding performance and contribution to The Daily Show as well Colbert Report.

Marvel Universe

Comic book fans can attest that both Letterman and Colbert have a place in the comic universe. Both presenters have appeared as themselves in the Marvel Comics in various issues.

Both appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter               

It is public knowledge for most of the fans that both presenters opened up to Oprah’s Next Chapter. However, they did not appear together nor did they at the same time. They appeared at interval of one month.

During these appearances, fans learnt many things and appreciated the viewpoints to various aspects of life by two presenters. It is at this appearance that Colbert disclosed that he had not planned a career as political satirist. However, after trying it out and discovering the passion that is associated with the job, he went for it full force. He has enjoyed the career since. In fact, he has great passion for ideas and politics, a fact that was inspired by Jon Steward Joining The Daily Show.

Lost fathers at tender age

Both Letterman and Colbert lost their fathers while still young. Colbert disclosed that his father died through a plane crash when he was barely 10 years old. He also lost his two brothers, Peter and Paul during that plane crash incident.

Letterman, on the other hand lost his dad when he was only 26 years of age. He disclosed that his dad succumbed to heart attack. The death incidences bonds the two presenters as it is a common ground characterizing both of their lives.

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