5 Lessons You Learned From The Yellow Pages You Should Employ In SEO

Growing importance of online marketing and search has affected the interest on print and online Yellow Pages sites since last five or more years. Google search has written a whole new directory of organic search coupled with long lasting and affordable search platform. Researchers have found that fewer people are using print directories both in number and frequency for their purchase decisions rather shifting to whole new bunch of platforms such as web and mobile directories, iPhone and iPad Apps and daily deal offers.

Rapid evolution of internet medium has recreated the conceptual relationship between local businesses generating source and printed yellow pages. Real transformation is occurring in yellow pages space as players are introducing new offerings to leverage the growth prospects while taking creative actions to preserve and enhance printing and other offerings which are continuously driving new leads for businesses across the country.

The continuous shift in yellow pages marketing and advertising has show some of the brighter sides of yellow page medium which can be absorbed in SEO to make the SEO tool more local market friendly:

  1. Long term relationship offered to local businesses

The deep understanding of objectives and challenges of local business advertisers had created a close bonding of yellow pages with local market providing them edge in counseling the client about digital strategies to benefit the business growth. The yellow pages providers are becoming equipped regarding problems of research and understanding of advertising options to local player in an area.

  1. Partnering behind the scene

Search engine and other popular local sites allow yellow pages to cross-promote advertising and resell their products. Advertising with them does not confined to one internet yellow page site, the investment in relationship building with developers for creation of new web and mobile Apps leveraging the business listing.

  1. Providing more than just services

Yellow pages providers have changed the way they play, by launching branded websites, mobile apps, and SEO and search services. Unlike local advertising they also deliver local marketing services, information to find online access via mobile apps or daily deal through links shared on social networks like FaceBook and Twitter.

  1. Trust is the key

Yellow page advertising always enjoy the huge trust consumers show for local business information. Print and internet yellow pages scores 68% trust in comparison to 23% for search engine for local business informational needs.

  1. Increasing impact of specialty directories

Specialty directories cater to provide specific support to particular demographic groups. Special consumer interest groups have higher dedication towards their communities business needs which are handled well by these specialty directories than general yellow pages.


Yellow pages are still viewed as robust marketing tool for local business generation as it evolved with major up gradations to counter with the growing market of SEO and other online search portals.

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