Affordable Blogging Hosts for Beginners

Many people would want to start blogging. However, they lack information as pertains to hosts. This is usually the case for most beginners when they land in the blogging world. If that is the case, then you need not worry. We have prepared useful information for all beginner bloggers pertaining to the types of blog hosts from which you can benefit.

Since there are several blog hosts in the market, it is pertinent you understand how different they are from one another before you get excited of their services and jump over and signing up for their premium services. In that case, you should first educate yourself before you ruin yourself in your blogging journey.

Free host Providers

As a beginner in the blogging world, you should host your blog with free host providers. This is also important more especially if you are operating on a lean budget. As the term suggests, free blog hosts gives bloggers a platform to publish their content online absolutely for free (in monetary terms).

Among popular host providers for blogs include but not limited to and Free hosting providers are however, associated with a number of limitations. You are restricted on the amount of advertising business you can conduct with your blogging. Equally, you should expect less flexibility whenever using free blog hosts. With such limitations, you would want to consider paid but affordable options.

Shared Hosting plans

To limit the amount they spend in hosting their blogs, a number of bloggers may combine resources and pay for shared servers that host their blogs. This is perhaps one the inexpensive hosting for most beginners. Even with expensiveness of this hosting plan, it is not without its share if limitations. Account holders are limited on the number of websites or blogs they can host in their particular accounts. Besides, the transfer speed is equally limiting. Even with the limitations, this plan is perfect for beginners or small businesses.

Reseller accounts

Some companies offer reseller hosting plans to their customers. The plan allows customers to make money with their accounts as they offer reseller rights on their hosting accounts.

Dedicated servers

Some blogs may get too much traffic that may result to jamming the website. In such cases, the blogger should consider signing up for a dedicated server to host their blog. In such a case, you will have addressed the limitations associated with baby or normal hosting plans.

Hosts managed by WordPress

Most WordPress scripts work best if installed in a WordPress environment. In that case, WordPress Company offers hosting services for wordpress blogs for better management and functionality. Besides, their servers provide a backup system that may help you retrieve files on your remote site in case of crashes or any other eventualities.

Virtual Servers

Some hosting providers offer virtual servers that host your blogs and/or websites. A customer’s domains will appear as sub domains in such a case. Functionality of a website will however depend on the functionality of the other websites hosted in the same server.             

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