How to Brave Songwriter’s Block

Writing great songs should happen naturally. However, you may feel you are not up to the task. You want to let go only for today but you realize it is becoming a routine. Well, you are not alone. Even with the songwriter’s block, you can brave it if you follow particular steps and techniques. The basic idea is to break the pattern whenever you want to start your song writing session. You will want to let it happen naturally if you are to produce a masterpiece.

A number of factors may contribute to songwriter’s block. Whenever boredom kicks in, there is the tendency to put off any writing to the next day. Equally, whenever you are very busy, you may prioritize your activities that result to pushing your songwriting session to the bottom of your schedule. Whatever the motivation, you should get things done. The following ideas may help you brave songwriter’s block.

Start anyway

If you are to stop the procrastination pattern, you should get technical with your writing. Choose the right theme, evaluate the rhymes and tell the story as you deem comfortable. It is important to choose the duration your song should take. The shorter the duration, the better is the experience. Either way you should choose the standard duration you would be comfortable with.

Tell a story

Whenever you have commenced your song, you should continue telling the story. Elaborate on it with style. If your previous songs carry a particular theme or tells a particular story, you would want to continue with the same story. Think of how you may elaborate on a character in your previous song and write about it.

Write the contrary

You will stand out in your songs if you don’t agree to every previous theme or story. To achieve this objective, you should consider writing songs expressing the contrary to previous songs already in the public domain.

Write a rip off

You will trigger your listeners’ interest if they listen to a rip off version of the songs they have listened before. Whether they love the original song or not, they would want to compare and contrast with the rip off version you will write.

Collaborative writing

Some other songwriters may have written on particular themes. If they are famous, you would want to co-write with them to reinforce your message. Good songwriters produce great songs. You can learn a thing or two if you team up with other songwriters.           

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