Five Key Things to Boost Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

It is been recommended that marketers should ‘earn their way’ rather than ‘buy, beg or bug their way in’, and it can only be possible through creative online efforts such as blog post, eBooks, webinar, SEO, social media marketing, etc.

Inbound marketing is gaining effectiveness because unlike traditional marketing where we try too hard to sell through emails, cold calls , commercials and so on, we focus on persona-driven marketing so that one can indulge with their dream customers the way they want to by creating a positive and welcoming impact on the customer mind who willingly visiting to your website Here are some of the best effort one can do to boost inbound marketing:

1. CTAs and Conversion Opportunities on every page and at the bottom of every blog.

Getting found and then converting it into a lead can best be achieved by proper call to action and landing pages in your website. Add colorful, eye captivating, graphic images and buttons to make them click and clearly communicate what it offers, in your website homepage and throughout your website.

2. Bad landing pages can make you go crazy.

Here are some tips which can be followed on your landing pages to  provide good experience and good conversion rate:

  • User shuffles the pages in a click of seconds so alll vital information should be on the fold and headline short , crisp and contain campaign keywords.
  • No one read through the entire website content, they scan pages through attractive bold links, contrasted matter and exciting offers present throughout the langing pages with real picture of your product, service or item.
  • The ultimate purpose of landing page is to get the lead land over and convert, so the form should only be containing the information actually required to improve the conversion rate.

3. Truly knowing your marketing personas, and writing directly to each of them

Some people can never be your customers but they can help you spread your awareness through social blogging and sharing it with a useful bunch of people. These persona will generate you more social share, inbound links, email forwards and can help you put on smack to your leadership credibility. The two major persona who can add on to your social likability are The Company Fans who link to your content and share it through social media, and The Influencer who may not purchase your product but put it in front of bigger audience with a click of a button.

4. Understanding how your content aligns with your sales funnel – and having a sequence of content prepared and ready to guide user all the way to the purchase.

Creating a content which bring people in your sales process and close leads into deals is all that important  for making customer revisit to the website. In addition to this many other forms of great content to create and bring involved customer to engage in a conversation with you by hosting webinars, offering  eBooks, and developing microsites.

5. Understand that quality content has a direct correlation with lead higher conversions.. .skip the noise … provide quality content

Creating content with quality through bloging can increase organic search result, create linkable content and educate audience which ultimately carries warm prospect which links to you.  Constantly creating original content can be challenging but you can capture the minds of your customer by doing it generously.

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