How to Get New York Immigration Lawyer’s Free Consultation

As is the case, immigration law is complex due to the number of agencies involved. Every government agency is charged with the responsibility of enforcing immigration law. The complexity of the immigration law increases as the agencies interests vary. Equally, the agencies operate under varied regulations with regards to the law of immigration. Even with such complexity, it is important to seek immigration lawyer free consultation if you are to have a better interpretation and understanding of immigration law. This is important more especially when you are a visiting non-resident, living and or living in the US.

Understand your rights

Whenever you want to file a petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration services, in New York, it is important to get accredited representatives or lawyers to guide you along with the procedure and the petition at large. When you are unable to hire a lawyer, you can always look for help from State Bar Association seek help from New York immigration lawyers or any accredited association. Their personnel can always help you. New York is home for most of these organizations. Equally, you can consult an association of lawyers to recommend low cost legal consultation.

Engaging a representative

As already mentioned above, you should seek representation whenever you plan to file a petition with USCIS. Reputable New York Immigration Lawyers or association of lawyers can recommend the right representative for you. With the recommendations, however, you should ensure the representative is from accredited organization. The accredited representatives can legally represent you or guide you through your petition.


New York has a number of law firms that run immigration lawyer free consultation programs for the benefit of citizens. One thing you want to check with such firms is the years of experience tucked away in their organization. With such firms, you can be sure to get valuable representation for free. You will however need to make your detailed search before you make any choice. You should also consider recommendations from reputable attorneys if you are to save on your search effort. Often times, recommendation from reputable legal organizations is all you will ever need as you feature in the corridors of justice.

Educate yourself

Most lawyers will evaluation your qualification before they engage their services to your benefit. In that case, it is important to evaluate your qualification even before the immigration lawyers evaluate you. In that case, you should understand what makes you qualify or try find to find the factors that immigration lawyers look for in a client before they pronounce him/her as qualified.


In summary, therefore, it is important to understand how to get free immigration legal services in New York or any other state for that matter. You should understand your rights, engage only accredited representatives and seek legal firms that offer free immigration consultation. Above all, make sure to educate yourself in case you are qualified for representation.          

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