Key Takeaways From The State Of Inbound Marketing Report-2014

Over the past five years the concept of marketing has taken a paradigm shift from traditional marketing concepts to logical, customer eccentric marketing methodology.

The core of inbound marketing is to understand how one can earn a customer who is somewhat showing interest in your company, through fresh, informative and appealing content whether through blog post, tweet or social media mapping,

The State of Inbound Marketing Report-2014 provides a vigorous data set concluded from a survey of 3339 marketing professionals’ from 128 countries regarding transformation of marketing perspective and uncovered marketing opportunities which the industry is focusing upon.

With the love of marketing we are pleased to share some key takeaways from The State of Inbound Marketing Report-2014 which we found noteworthy.


  1.  “Blogs, social media, SEO are gaining traction.”

48% of marketers in 2014 are aiming to increase the inbound marketing spending (about 50%) and the percentage of companies budging to inbound marketing strategies is 58% t5his year.

  1. “Spectacularly lower cost per lead is delivered by inbound than outbound.”

While comparing the cost per lead organizations experience 61% lower CPL with inbound. The part of budget dedicated to inbound also show higher trend of 32% in 2011 to 35% in 2012.

  1. “Correlation between customer acquisition and channel effectiveness.”

Do social media, blogs etc.  Really generate customers?         Linkedin, facebook, twitter are playing significant role in acquiring customers .57% of the companies agree that blogs generate better customer number than any other medium.

  1. “Small business shows larger budget investment in Inbound.”

Lead generation budget on inbound marketing is showing rising trends as small businesses are planning to spend 43% as compared to 21% by larger businesses.

  1. “Higher quality leads generated by Inbound channels.”

Putting and eye on a sample of 150 businesses using closed-loop marketing analytics, we analyzed a median lead –to –close rate of each business by the lead source with following data-

  • 14.6% close rate with SEO leads while 1.7% with outbound sourced leads.
  • Likelihood of closing is eight times with SEO leads then outbound sourced leads.
  1. “Fading importance of direct mails, telemarketing and trade shows also been sensed by marketers along with customers.”

Not only customers but marketers also understand the importance of inbound methodologies. The survey shows an upward trend for social media as one of a strong inbound resource as 62% respondents consider it more impactful way to inbound.

Businesses are going through a changing phase  while they understand that traditional methods of marketing such as direct mail, telemarketing , surveys, print advertising are losing their effectiveness, and it’s the right time to aggressively practice the inbound strategies to capture more and more leads and transform them into satisfied customers. Those who understand the gravity of inbound marketing, would like to see faster and huge business benefits in this drifting era of marketing.

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