Interesting Facts about Dubai

If you are planning to tour Dubai then you need fascinating reasons to compel you to plan for the tour. Interestingly, many facts about Dubai are already in the public domain. You can still find more facts that might have escaped your attention all along. In that case, you would want a guide that contains brief descriptions of the most interesting facts about Dubai. In the section that follows you will learn and maybe enjoy some if these interesting facts about Dubai.

Car registration

If we trek down the memory lane to 1968, the car registration database documented that only 13 cars were registered in the whole of Dubai. However, the numbers have changed in leaps and bounds. Astonishingly, data indicates that over 1.13 million cars had been registered by the year 2012. Still, the numbers are changing. Even with challenges facing this industry, popular car manufacturers reported increased sales volume of between 7% and 40% in 2012. This trends show that the number of registered cars will keep increasing both in the near and far future.

Dubai 20% of the world’s cranes

Interestingly, it is estimated that there are about 150,000 cranes across the world. However, of this number, Dubai holds over 30,000 cranes. This translates to about 20% of overall cranes across the globe

Incredible skyscrapers

The famous skyline in Dubai, the World Trade Center, was started back in 1979 and completed in 1991. Interestingly, it was the only skyscraper of the time until over 140 other skyscrapers were built in later years. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa (828 meters in height) is the world’s tallest skyscraper.

Extremely low crime rate

Dubai enjoys low crime rate in the world. It is approximated that virtually, 0% is the crime rate in Dubai. For this reason many people consider Dubai as the safest place in the world. This can be attributed to the fact that morality rules the people in Dubai. Even with high morality, the laws that guard against crime are stringent in Dubai.

No income tax charges for Dubai citizens

To encourage the culture of thrift among her citizens, the country does not charge income tax on personal incomes. This opens wide opportunities for the citizens to save or invest much of their personal incomes. However, you would want to understand the particular provisions on the income tax law in regards to country of residence if you are to benefit from this tax shield benefit.

Country’s population

Interestingly, almost a half of residents of Dubai are Indians. About 17 % are Emiratis and the rest of the population constitutes immigrants and tourists.

Dubai’s economy

Dubai is the biggest center in Middle East, dealing in golden chains and other jewelry. Back in 1999 and during Dubai’s Shopping Festival, the longest golden chain was minted to as a way of asserting the reputation of this amazing trading centre. The chain, valued at 22carats, calibrated approximately 4 kilometers.

Parcels and mail delivery

Interestingly, Dubai has no street addresses for courier services. All deliveries are made to the post office boxes.

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