Landing Pages: Fifteen is the Magic Number

Converting traffic to a qualified lead is the point where landing page has its utility. When a user hit you, got impressed by your content, clicks call-to-action buttons, where will he land up? A specified landing page persuade the visitor to give his contact information by filling out  form and offer something interesting in exchange such as an eBook or access to a webinar. The more landing pages in website, the more are the chances of conversions present.

According to the report “Marketing Benchmarks From 7000 Business” by HubSpot, increasing landing pages to 10 will not increase conversions much but a remarkable increase of  55% can be seen if Landing pages will go up to 15, and more profitable to B2B if the number goes beyond 40.

 Let us see how increasing Landing pages prove beneficial for inbound marketers:

Landing Pages helps lead generation

More landing pages offer more chances to convert a visitor into lead.  Sending traffic direct to registration form from an offer is killing conversions on your own. Using landing page to warm your customers with quality content in the form of product, service and brand benefits and works as quality check score before asking for contact information by contact form or eBook request order form will probably convert more leads into customers.

Content is the crux for sociability

The accuracy of the content on landing page determine the quality score you receive from readers which will lead to focused leads who are ready to read and share your content through social media. Use of proper keywords in content help to get found and ranked by search metrics.  Content shared by fans and followers on social media and promoted through CTA’s will help navigate the contacts through emails or query forms which will further channelized to increase conversions.

Segmenting opportunities for conversion

Providing targeted and relevant offers to specific buyer personas according to their interest and need require more landing pages. Garnishing by segment specific content catering to different audience will convert visitor into leads in better shape. This will also help in designing specific landing pages for segmented audience for catering to content relevancy mapping strategy more effectively.

Tracking re conversions is benefit

Landing pages not only help you generate lead but also provide reconversion opportunities of existing leads to identify more engaged customer with the business and then providing them specialized content for further reference. This enables you to study lead behavior which your sales team can use in sales generation.

Landing pages convert, no matter what your audience is, if you have sufficient number then you can fetch sufficient chances for lead generation. It will also help you reduce advertising cost by generating more lead conversions through focused pages. Landing pages offers, allows audience  to receive something valuable in return converting greater percentage of visitors into leads.


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