One Click Let You Know The 15 Most Dangerous Places In The World

From fatal tsunami-prone locations to areas with a superfluity of crime, Let’s count the places where you are most likely to get killed in, Most dangerous place to travel in the world. 

Rank #13 Sana’a – Yemen

most dangerous place in earth

  • One of the most politically unbalanced place in the world, both Britain and America advising people to leave the country due to violence fears
  • Their capital city of Sana’a, 7,500 feet about sea level, is amazingly attractive to visit, even if it’s also known as one of the most dangerous places to live,ever
  • A lot of the buildings are Tetris-style geometric blocks stacked on top of each other, specially the Old City district full of magnificently designed buildings that harkens back to the days when you weren’t murdered frequently

Rank #12 Cape Town – South Africa,

south Africa capetown










  • This place isn’t so bad, except due to deficiency and social disorder the crime rate is badly high from desperate people
  • Like Yemen, this place attracts tourists for its loveliness – but you are actually permitted to visit Cape Town, they just advise you don’t travel alone and that you avoid the more infamously precarious districts

Rank #11 Grand Canyon – Arizona,

Grand Canyon – Arizona










  • You might not think it’s a dangerous place because of what a tourist hot spot it is, but don’t be fooled – all it takes is one wrong step and death is sure
  • At least, most of the time it is – a 21-year-old was driving across the edge when he accidentally plummeted off the cliff, but fortunately he was saved by a tree that slowed his fall near the bottom
  • For others, the falls are planned – the Grand Canyon is well-known to be the nation’s second-highest location for suicide

Rank #10  Danakil Desert – Ethiopia,

  • All overseas offices will advise you never to visit this desert, mainly due to a border disagreement with Eritrea and the possibility of getting kidnapped
  • The desert itself is also known for intense temperature and weird landscapes, with the Danakil hopelessness known as a giant deep basin filled with volcanoes
  • This area was described by the National Geographic as among the cruelest places on Earth

Rank #9  Naples – Italy

Naples – Italy












  • Over 725,000 people live in this deathtrap, surrounded by volcanoes on all sides – with a single explosion forcing the evacuation of more than a million people from the surrounding area
  • Not even 2000 years ago, one of the nearby volcanoes exploded, destroying the prehistoric cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, with 50 subsequent volcano eruptions since
  • The nearby Mediterranean Sea hosts a resort island known as Ischia – an eruption there would affect Naples and might even be worse than the explosion 2000 years ago

Rank #8 Huntington Ravine Head wall – New Hampshire

Huntington Ravine Headwall – New Hampshire









  • Shaped by a glacier over thousands of years, this head wall on Mount Washington is only reachable by one steep, winding trail.
  • In recent years hikers have been killed by the whole thing from avalanches to ice falls so climb at your own risk.

Rank #7  Mount Hua Plank Walk, China

Mount Hua Plank Walk, China








  • Yes, what you see is real.
  • With not anything more than a chain to grip with your hands and fragile boards nailed into the mountain for your feet the gradient to the top of this mountain will make your palms sweat just thinking about it.

Rank #6 Meteora Monasteries, Greece

The surreal Meteora monasteries of Greece









  • The surreal Meteora monasteries of Greece originally built my the monk 100 years ago.

Rank #5 Trolltunga, Norway

Trolltunga, Norway









  • Trolls Tongue’ in Norwegian.

Rank #4  Phugtal Monastery – Built on a cliffside

Phugtal Monastery - Built on a cliffside











  • This surreal Monastery, known as the Phugtal Gompa, is located in Ladakh and is built in the form of a honeycomb cut into the side of the Cliffside.
  • A precipitous climb to the spot and very limited options for food make this a place you get ready yourself to go to. The dizzying heights are common place for the locals, but anyone else might have a hard time.

Rank #3 Siju – Dim caves and high Bridges

Siju high Bridges











Siju - Dim caves












Rank #2 Mogadishu – Somalia

Mogadishu – Somalia










  • This city has had never-ending problems with militants, particularly the al Shabaab who, at one point, controlled most of the city

Rank #1 Java and Sumatra – Indonesia

Java and Sumatra – Indonesia












  • Natural disasters are unbelievably common here, earthquakes, landslides volcanoes, tsunamis, including floods and droughts
  • One particular tsunami in 2004 killed over 230,000 people following a magnitude 9.1 earthquake caused an huge wave to hit the shore
  • For the last 100 years, there have been droughts, volcano eruptions and earthquakes in great quantities – a risky place to make a decision to live in




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