Nexus 7 – An Exceptional Tablet For A Great Price

Nexus 7, in its original version from 2012, entered in history as one of the most successful Android devices ever launched, especially for the market of cheap tablets. The success of Nexus 7 was so huge that Google decided to continue the partnership with Asus, and the next model is supposed to keep a lot of the features of the old tablet, but to improve those with the latest technologies of Asus and Google. The plans are ambitious, and Google does not want to ruin the reputation of the first model.

New Nexus 7 vs. the Original Nexus 7

The new tablet is only a little more expensive compared with the old model, but it is differentiated by an improved exterior design, which manages to transmit the impression of a premium tablet. Such as the previous model, the case of the new Nexus 7 puts the accent on simplicity, offering a minimum of ornaments and finishing, but without neglecting the quality. For the backside, the textured finishing was eliminated, in favor of a rubber one. This is smoother and more elegant, but it is also adherent. The grill for the speaker disappeared, and now we have some perforations applied on the plastic case, covering the new set of stereo speakers from the laterals of the screen. The Asus Logo remains in the traditional location, near the USB connector, but the Nexus badge was put on horizontal, reflecting the recommended method for watching movies on this tablet.

Media and Display

 The screen of 1920×1200 pixels resolution is hidden under a Gorilla Glass shield, on which the fingers slide a lot better. With a density of 332ppi, it offers the perfect viewing experience. The screen comes with a superior quality, and even the Retina Display used by Apple iPads pale in comparison. The clarity gain of Nexus 7 is spectacular.

Google Nexus 7 Media and Display

The new Nexus made incredible progresses in terms of image, with its huge palette of colors. The case is improved and solid. Under the shield of mineral glass, we can find only the frontal camera and the LED for notifications. The screen left in the Auto mode conserves energy, but it is enough to offer a clear image even in conditions of bright sun.

Software and Operating system

Contrary to expectations, Google didn’t used Nexus 7 to launch the new Android 5. It only comes with an improved version of 4.3, which is also available now for other terminals. The advantage is that the updates for Android 5 will be offered with priority for the owners of Nexus 7, when those will be available. Just like we are used from other Google products, the tablet comes with an improved version of Android, which can be updated with widgets and applications from Google Play. We can replace the original Homescreen with another interface, we can use the preferred virtual keyboard, and we can improve the overall experience.


Helped by a Quad Core of 1.5 GHz, and with a graphical processor from Adreno, the new tablet makes a significant leap in performances compared with the old Nvidia Tegra 3. The core is three times faster, offering some performances for multi tasking like never seen before on any other tablet.

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