Being Number 1 on Google is NOT the Most Important SEO Goal

Radical shift in Google’s algorithm forced SEO experts to Change the way they design their goals, especially #1 ranking in the search engine results. Search engine optimizer understand that only focusing on being I on page I is insufficient enough to convert simple traffic to likely buyers. Google search is becoming smarter day by day with the inclusion of evolving Google updates such as Panda and Penguin making organic search more ‘Value’ eccentric.

Eyeing on right traffic is the need

Having continuous clicks does not mean that huge traffic is approaching to you, important point is the source of traffic and how are they finding you and using you further. Continuous updates of keywords and web content, re-assessing products, getting found by your specific persona and giving them opportunities to convert is more important. Increasing ranking and traffic is good but if conversions are not happening one need to revise its goals and do the proper tracking through Google analytic.

Let us discuss some of strategies and tactics that will help focus on creating value to the website visitors and getting rise in upcoming SEO landscape:

  1. Content speaks itself

Uniqueness of content and information richness is what rules the search engine market in upcoming days. Explicitness of Google has routed the content marketing as a new SEO tool. Generating and circulating high quality content, and publishing wilt through social platform will fetch more back links that will further add ‘Value’ for reader.

  1. Getting tested by Author Rank

Author Rank is a new online tool to check the credibility of content on the web to protect searchers and Google from the content garbage. It cuts down the spam content and put the most relevant content for the user to help feature better search results.

  1. What’s working – referrals, search,  direct traffic

You should be sure from where your traffic is coming from to analyze your success. If most of the visitors are coming from social media or guest post than referrals are working better than other, so you need to improve the others and analyse the numbers from all three.

  1. Targeted leads demographics

Building database and pipeline for much targeted leads will help you learn what your specific visitor wants, so that you can improve your weakest pages which will generate leads further.

  1. Search term conversion

Keeping an eye on keywords helping leads to find you, work to improve your SERP ranking for that particular keyword. The landing pages where your traffic lands should also be critically reviewed to improve user’s experience of landing.

Monitoring your goals and objectives by installing analytical tracking of your website will answer the most basic question of being 1 on Google. Rolling out of Google from personalized search results has evolved new SEO wings to be unveiled. You cannot guarantee your SEO campaigns success by quantifying the number of leads or highest listing on Google only until you redefine your goals.

Being number 1 on Google seems to be more Ego-Driven concept. Isn’t it? 

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