Reason Why Spanking Your Child Is Not Corrective Punishment

Whenever your child throws tantrums at home or any public place you may experience an overwhelming urge to spank them. Some parents believe in alternatives to spanking their kids. The question that begs an answer is that, how corrective is spanking as a disciplinary action? Even with the responsibility to correct erroneous behaviors in kids, it is important to note that spanking is illegal in over 29 countries of the world. In the section that follows, you will learn and appreciate the lessons you learn when spanking kids.

Kids may develop aggressive behavior in the long run

Some research institutions have conducted extensive researches with the objective of find the correlation of aggressive behavior in growing kids and spanking. Of importance is the fact that there is tones of evidence that connect spanking and development of aggressive behavior in kids. Teenagers tend to expose such aggressive behavior when spanking is used on them. It is therefore advisable to employ alternative corrective techniques on kids.

Bad behavior is response to neglected basic needs

Most cases, kids are unable to express themselves when they lack basic needs. Considering that they are still learning most social skills, they tend to use violence as their default behavior whenever they fill something is amiss. With such kids, spanking would not make them learn the correct way of expressing their dissatisfaction or lack of basic needs. You would want to corrective their negative behavior using alternative disciplinary action whether in school, at home or any social setting.

Instilling fear in the child

Some kids may develop distractive fear if spanking is used with the objective of teaching them. Some kids may fail to learn the intended lessons as the spanking or the imagination of the experience itself draw their attention away from active learning. With such kids, you would want to use alternative methods of teaching them lest they will hate the teacher or the intended teaching lessons.

Interfering with parental bonding

Every kid would love to spend more quality time with the parents they are comfortable with. If the parents want to spend time with their kid but the feeling the kid gets when their parent is around is that of disconnect, then the parent will likely fail in bonding with their kid. In that case, parents should strive to be best friends with their kids if they want to develop lasting and close relationships with their kids while they are growing.

Parents should not express their frustrations and anger through spanking their kids

At times, parents face frustrations in their lives. Excessive anger and frustration may be expressed in a parent who spanks their kids. In such cases, you would want not to let your kids accumulate such same anger over the years only to retaliate when they have grown, probably on their teenage stage of development or when they are young adults. Whenever kids show such behavior, chances are they have been accumulating it for long. As a loving parent, you don’t want to be the cause of bad behavior in your kid.

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