Top 5 Highest Grossing Movies Ever

Every industry produces its own stars. And the movie industry has produced its own to set astounding records in sales across the globe. This only tells that the movie industry can generate substantial incomes if quality work is produced for the consumers to enjoy. The section that follows is dedicated to the top 5 highest grossing movies ever of all time. If you want to read the eye popping starts then I welcome you aboard and continue reading to learn a thing or two as you enjoy the information.


Avatar is among the highest grossing movies of all time. So far, it has grossed $2,783,918,982 in sales worldwide. Of these sales, $2,023,411,357 has been from International Box Office while $760,507,625 has been derived from Domestic Box office. The movie, Avatar is an action scripted from an original screenplay with a production budget of $425,000,000. Formally, the theatrical releases range between December 18th, 2009 and August 27th, 2010. However, the movie was released officially as video release in April 22nd, 2010 by the famous Fox Home Entertainment company. Basically, this movie was created from science fiction by staging live action.

In case you have not watched Avatar, you would want to read the synopsis. Here it is. The movie features Jake Sully, a wounded ex marine, who has been lunged to settle in the bio rich diversity exotic moon and exploit Pandora, a tall humanoid species inhabited by the Na’vi. Jake is rescued by a female Na’vi after separating from his team. The experience helps him learn about the planet and eventually, he closes over to help in survival battle.


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