Top Free Android Games For Your Phone

When it comes to free android games, the majority of those works perfectly even on cheap phones, as the producers are careful enough to optimize the games, keeping those simple and fun. This way, the compatibility with a huge number of terminals is guaranteed. The situation does not change so much when we check the Paid section of Google Play, as the majority of those games can be played on older Android terminals.

Here are some of the best titles for Android that deserves a try, especially because all you will lose are a few MB of data traffic.

War of Nations – MMO strategy game for Android

You like the PC strategy games and you want something similar on your tablet or phone. War of Nations could be exactly what you need.

War of Nations is a free game for android allowing you to create armies and to start a war with the Chinese, the Americans, the Russians, or with other nations, allowing you to conquer those and to force them in doing whatever you want. The action takes place in a gigantic world, where you fight in multiplayer sessions. You will be able to build impressive military bases, to train soldiers and to use their commanders for special missions.

GT Racing 2: The real Car Experience – Android Car Games

One of the best free android games with cars, GT Racing 2 puts 67 vehicles at the disposal of the player, on 13 tracks. The selection contains cars from Ferrari, Mercedes, Doge and Nissan, but also of other manufacturers. The Classic Races and Duel game modes are the most interesting, and you can try those on 1400 different tracks.

Real Racing 3 – Android Car Games

One of the most advanced Android Car games; it has an impressive 3D layout, compatible with the one of consoles. There are 70 vehicles and 20 real tracks, including the classical Ferrari and Audi models, designed in the slightest detail. Use Wi-Fi to download, and make sure you have free hard disk space, as this occupies 1.5 GB on your terminal.

Cut the Rope 2 – top popular choices

We are already at the second version of this completely free game. Cut the Rope is an Android game that provokes addiction. As a player, you will be a part of the obstacle race, in your attempt to handle the most fun and challenging levels.

Maybe it is not one of the most complex games, but it has good graphics, each puzzle having its own décor.

Tennis 3D – Android sports games

Tennis 3D is an android game for the fans of the sport with the same name. The interaction is made with sliding, and this way, the player gains total control of what he is doing on the field. It can be played in Quick Play and World Tour, each one of those having interesting features and challenges.

Well, those are only our choices, but you can find many other interesting games in the Android Market. Feel free to comment and to put your own titles to complete this list of the best Android free games.

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