Treatment for Snake Bites

Myth: a poisonous snake will always try to bite you when it can

Realty: the snakes avoid humans and they will only bite when threatened. Even so, the idea that snakes are aggressive persists, and for this reason, many people try to fight those when it is not necessary.

The first aid must be given fast, but it depends on the type of snake. Some poison snake might kill a man in 24 hours, while for others will kill a man in a few seconds. The bad news is that you can’t do anything about it, when you are poisoned by the most dangerous snakes in the world. The good news is that those species are rare, and they live far from human habitats.

The viper bite

The viper bite is one of the most common, because vipers are common in many areas of the world. It kills in about five hours, by suffocation. The hemoglobin from the blood combined with the venom forms a stable compound, so the blood will stop from flowing. However, half of the bites of vipers are “dry”, meaning that the viper bites without releasing the venom. The effects vary considering the age of the “victim” and especially his or hers weight. A bite might affect the members of the group also. Those might panic, and they will not be able to take the right measurements.


–          Acute pain

–          Swallowing the affected area

–          Two signs of bite

–          Violet coloration of the skin

–          Other symptoms such as vomiting, difficulties in breathing and excessive sweating

First Aid

–          Try to get the victim to the doctor as fast as possible, as the only real treatment is the antivenin shot. A doctor must treat all the bites, and such an event must be considered a medical emergency. Even the bites of no poisonous snakes must be treated, because they can lead to severe allergies

–          Call the emergency team responsible of such accidents in your area. many of those don’t have the antivenin on stock, so they will have to find it

–          Put the victim in a horizontal position, with the head and the body lifted a little. The bite must be positioned under the level of the heart. The physical activity of the victim must be reduced completely, so the pulse would be reduced. this way, spreading the venom is slowed

–          Clean the wound with soap and water, and with the antiseptic napkins of the emergency kit

–          Eliminate jewelries and other objects tightened to the body, such as belts and tightened clothes

–          Ensure the thermal comfort of the victim if possible. administrate oxygen

–          Monitor the vital signs of the victim, the pulse and respiration. The temperature is also important, as fever means the installment of the shock

Don’t Suck The Venom As You Have Seen in Movies! This method was never proven as effective, and the bite might not be where you think, because the snake has curved teeth.

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