You Tube….You Bet!

The most sought after video-sharing website on the web and the 3rd most visited website after Google and Facebook, You Tube has created a long history in the video sharing world which allows connecting, sharing, watching and discovering the originally created videos.

Founded by three former PayPal employees in 2005, the website’s idea generated when one of the three experienced difficulty in sharing a dinner party video due to the limitation of email attachment. It arts as a major distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers by providing a forum for people to connect, share and inspire across the globe.

You Tube’s fabulyou tube for businessous stats

An average internet user spent around 15 min i.e. 900sec every day on YouTube and every minute nearly 24 hours of video is uploaded on it which is equivalent to 150000 full length videos every week. In every second 10 videos are uploaded and in a day the count goes to 8,29,440 videos upload with increasing phenomenon. The social media-related stats are also inspiring with an average of more than 400 tweets per minute for YouTube links.

10% of overall internet traffic account for YouTube only , it mean one out of every ten user open YouTube  which is nearly 2billion users per day.

What all you can do with YouTube?

It allows users to post and tag videos, watch what other have posted, include himself in a discussion format of review posting, searching with the help of keywords and categories, and create and participate in tropical groups. It offers several blogging applications allowing user to blog for particular video and include a link to it. Users can search out for the individual who are posting comments on videos and see what their favorites are and can contact them.

Uploading video is all that you must know.

The easy in watching and sharing the video with no cost association opens the experience of online video for large quantity users. People who want to upload a video has to open up an account on with proper profile, upload it with a tag, brief description and category, can be for restricted viewers from contact list or for public. You can also share a movie through a link from your e-mail, post comments and see others commenting.

has made sharing video and movies easy by addressing on storage and server questions along with file formats.  The social networking tool further allows users to meet new people, read and share opinion and be part of community.   YouTube engages user into viewing and engaging with videos and contents as a creator or commentator that broadens student’s visual literacy.

It has created a trend of active participation replacing passive learning, where everyone can voice, anyone can comment and the value lies in the network of learners sharing content and supporting one another in learning goals.

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