Ways to Make Teeth Whiter

There are numerous products that you can use at home to whiten the teeth that are spotted by food and tobacco, such as the whitening kits, bands, special toothpaste and even special infrared devices. However, the old fashioned methods used for centuries might also be affected. For severe spots, you will need the support of the dentist, eventually.

The whitening kit

This contains peroxide from a whitening ingredient that can change the natural color of the teeth. This kit eliminates the surface spots, but also the profound ones. The kits don’t put the denture in danger, and they are perfect for spots of coffee, tea and red wine.

Whitening stripes

The whitening stripes will help you to remove the dental spots. They are thin, practically invisible, and they are also covered in hydrogen peroxide. The results are visible in a few days. They are not as spectacular as the ones of the whitening kits, but they are easy to use and maneuver. The stripes dissolve in time, so you don’t have to worry about removing those.

Whitening toothpaste

The toothpaste only helps removing the surface spots. Many of those contain abrasive elements, chemical products and whitening agents. Unlike other products, they don’t change the natural color of the teeth.

Ways to Make Teeth Whiter


Natural remedies for whitened teeth

Some people still prefer the old remedies such as the sodium bicarbonate. Moreover, some foods such as apples and carrots produce saliva, which helps removing the chemical leftovers from the teeth. Sugar free gum has a cleaning effect, and it also launches a rich production of saliva.

Teeth whitening and dental works

Approach teeth whitening with care if you have many dental problems. The whitening agents work on the teeth, but if you have artificial teeth, those will have the same color. It is a good idea to visit a dental specialist to uniform the color of teeth.

Prevention methods

As we get older, the exterior layer of the teeth erodes. The basic layer, called dentine becomes yellowish. This is why it is important to avoid spotting the teeth again after whitening. If you are careful with what you eat and consume, the results will last one year or even more.

Foods that create spots on the teeth

Some common foods can have harmful effects on the teeth. According to dental specialists, any product that can leave a spot on cotton t-shirts can also spot the teeth: coffee, tea, fruit juices and cola. Those spots are easily dissolved, and they are visible as we grow older.

Medicines that can spot the teeth

Tetracycline causes grey teeth for children, as those teeth are still developing. The water that contains clorhedrixine and cetylpiridinium chloride can spot the teeth

Daily care

Brushing the teeth twice a day is the best method for prevention, especially for children. Don’t forget about the regular controls to the dentist. The methods used by those are a lot more effective than any common treatment, especially for spots caused by food and smoking.

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