Triangle of Life

Earthquakes are common in many parts of the world, but it is a pity that some people simply don’t know what to do in case of those events. They are instructed to hide under the table, or to run on the stairs. Those are only two of the advices that might get you killed. However, studies made by earthquake intervention specialists revealed that the best method to get out of an earthquake alive is The Triangle of Life.

What happens with your building during an earthquake?

In case a building crashes, certain routes that would help you to escape will be formed. Don’t hide under the table or under other objects. The weight of a ceiling is of a few hundred kilograms, so the wooden table will crack instantly when the ceiling falls. Stay away from the windows, and don’t get out of your apartment. In case of an earthquake, the stairs will be the first to crash.


The experts and people that help victims of earthquakes observed that all the persons that considered the table as a shelter were killed. The massive objects such as counters will form a zone named the Triangle of Life. People that hide near massive objects have big chances of escaping, because of the safety zone.

When the ceiling crashes, it will only fall a few tens of centimeters, and then it will stop on the dressing, or on the massive counter. If you are near it, the pieces of wall will fall near you, very close, but they will not hurt you.

Other preventive measurements

You need a whistle, water and some cans with food prepared all the time, as you might remain immobilized here until the rescue teams arrive. If the object which is the base of your triangle is bigger, the chances for survival are increased.

If you are in a vehicle, get out of it and stay close to it, on your belly, with your hands protecting your head. If a wall falls on the car, this triangle of life will also be created, allowing you to survive.

Triangle of Life

Useful Advices

The fetal position will reduce the risks of injuries. The wooden buildings are the safest, as wood is a flexible material. However, if a wooden building is destroyed by an earthquake, the triangles of life formed there are the safest.

If the earthquake catches you in your bed, don’t get up. Roll off the bed to the triangle that you established before. Don’t stay near windows and doors.

For people that are at work during an earthquake, the safest place is in the room where the paper is held. Paper will resist to any wall crashing on it. Of course, we are talking about the massive paper stock piles that are bought by major companies, which can reach two meters high. As a measure of safety, you can always make those stockpiles, and you must establish a way to reach this room in case the earthquake happens.

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